Ask a Survivor — Cancer Fitness

I saw this gem on a glioblastoma support site this afternoon, and it was something I felt uniquely qualified to answer (also, if I’m writing, I’m not wondering if it’s allergies or COVID):

Q: How did you all tackle fitness during recovery from your surgery? How about during radiation /chemo treatment?

A: So, when I was in treatment — and we’ll discuss some of the details of treatment here, quickly — I had two basic goals: survive treatment, and make it look easy. My goal in this wasn’t to make “inspiration porn” that able-bodied folks so frequently turn sick peoples’ lives into; it was so that the next folks in line could say, “Hey, if that moron can do it, anyone can.” I’ve since learned it’s not quite that simple, and I had some genetic factors working in my favor (of course, the ideal genetic factors would be not to have a genetic predisposition to cancer, and, in fact, to be more or less normal, but you take the good with the bad).

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Science journalist, cancer survivor, biomedical consultant, the “Wednesday Addams of travel writers.”

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